Lycopene Powder 5% 10% / Oil 5% 10% / CWS / Beadlets

Lycopene has been the subject of extensive scientific research and clinical studies. These studies show the multiple health benefits of lycopene complex.

Product Introduction

Source: Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.


Lycopene powder 5% 10% 

Lycopene oil suspension 5% 6% 10%

Source: Blakeslea Trispora


Lycopene powder CWS 5% 10%

Lycopene oil suspension 5% 6% 10%

Lycopene beadlets 10%

1. Lower risk of prostate cancer and boost sperm concentrations in men with infertility.

2. Provide antioxidant support for cardiovascular health.

3. Benefit heart health by boosting the antioxidant defenses. 

4. Protect the skin against overexposure to UV radiation.